Frozen Yoghurt

Wonderfully creamy and refreshingly different!

Frozen yoghurt for the slush machine – MonsterSlush™ has been offering this successfully for several years now. Expand your offer risk-free and without purchasing special machines with the Frozen Yoghurt Powder from MonsterSlush™! The powder only needs to be mixed with milk and prepared in the slush machine!

Frozen yoghurt is a trend that has come to stay! For several years now, the refreshingly light taste of frozen yoghurt has been an integral part of ice cream parlours and cafés all over the world. But of course there are always big differences in taste and consistency of the finished yoghurt.

With our Frozen Yoghurt on powder basis we at MonsterSlush™ offer the possibility to prepare Frozen Yoghurt in a conventional slush machine instead of having to buy an expensive ice cream machine. Due to its fluffy soft consistency, the yoghurt is easy to draw off and can be enjoyed immediately ice cold. The perfect complement to slush ice at any location!

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How to mix it

Stir a bag of frozen yoghurt into 3 litres of milk, fill into the slush machine and put into freezing mode – done!