Slush syrups, slush machines, accessories for slush ice and much more!

Slush syrups, slush machines, accessories for slush ice and much more! Long nights at the desk and in the test kitchen, countless taste tests and the quest to be able to offer the best slush products – these are the cornerstones of our success. Slush syrup, slush machines and accessories for slush are only part of our portfolio.

This year MonsterSlush™ celebrates 20 years of company history.
Time to look back, but also to break new ground!

As a true family business, we look back on an eventful past and look forward to the next few years, in which we will continue with tried and tested products, but also with new ideas.

What do we consider to be part of it? For example, the production of our MonsterSlush™ syrups at our production site in Germany. Slush ice syrups “Made in Germany”, what does that actually mean?

For us it means best quality and production to the highest standards, which is also confirmed annually by our IFS International Food Standard certification. But it also means that we have short distances between sales and production of slush syrups. This includes ongoing quality assurance and controls by various hygiene institutes.

Optimised HACCP concepts round off quality assurance.
Our products are, of course, also available in large quantities without artificial colouring and predominantly vegan, which means that we can offer something for every taste! Of course our MonsterSlush™ is gluten-free too!

These principles are our top priority, so that our customers are satisfied and can simply have fun with our products – without any concerns or bad conscience!

We also offer slush machines and accessories for slush, as well as other products.


Bubbles by MonsterSlush – Bobas Made in Germany!

Bubbles filled with 100% MonsterSlush syrup! After the challenges of the Corona era, many restaurateurs are looking for bright ideas. One concept that has shown renewed growth in recent years is the bubble tea market. This was estimated to be worth $2.4 billion in 2019, with market researchers predicting that volume will rise to around…

Christmas time with hot punch!

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures icy and slowly but surely the Christmas mood is coming up! And while the children are cheerfully doing their mischief in indoor playgrounds and the like, for many it means: Off to the Christmas market! And what can’t be missing there? Naturally delicious mulled wine and fruity punch!…

Why sugarfree?

Why does MonsterSlush™ now also make sugar-free slush? The answer is quite simple: because we want to offer something for every taste! But what makes our syrup special? First of all, the sugar-free slush syrup, just like our normal syrups, is produced in Germany. The production is IFS certified, which means that we work to…

IFS certified syrups

We are certified annually according to IFS (International Food Standard). This certification confirms our high quality and hygiene standards.

Mostly vegan

Almost all our varieties are vegan and therefore also suitable for vegans.

Optimised HACCP conzepts

Hygiene and quality are ensured by a holistic HACCP concept, which is regularly checked and revised.

Many varieties without artificial colorants

We offer you a wide range of varieties, which are manufactured completely without artificial colorants.

Production site in Germany

Our production takes place in Germany in order to guarantee short distances, fast troubleshooting and best quality.

Maintenance & service directly with us

Problems can be solved quickly and easily by our technicians. You save costs and minimize downtimes.


All our slush syrups are gluten-free and therefore also suitable for people with a corresponding intolerance.

Over 20 years of experience

This experience is the basis for our work and enables us to offer a comprehensive service and the best possible products!

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