Disposable cups and spoonstraws

Disposable cups and spoonstraws for the sale of slush can be found here. If you are looking for disposable cups and spoonstraws made of organic plastic, please click here.

For the sale of slush ice, disposable cups and spoonstraws are always recommended. Therefore MonsterSlush offers you a large selection of printed and clear cups and colorful spoonstraws.


Which cup size is recommended for the beginning?

We usually recommend offering two different sizes. The combination of 0.2l and 0.3l or 0.4l is common. By doing this you can recommend a suitable size for every customer.

Can I also offer normal straws for the slush?

We always recommend the spoonstraws, as straws are not suitable to spoon the slush ice. This is often done by children.

How many cups and spoonstraws do I need?

A canister of MonsterSlush Slush Syrup yields about 144 portions of 0.2l each. Accordingly, the demand for cups and spoon blades can be extrapolated.

Disposable cups or returnable cups?

Reusable cups have a higher purchase price, but are also popular souvenirs and can therefore also be sold at a higher selling price to the customer. Disposable cups, on the other hand, are the classics. Easy to handle and sold out quickly. Thus both variants have their advantages.

Are there also cups and spoonstraws without plastic?

Absolutely! Why not sell slush in our PLA cups and spoonstraws! So you can avoid any plastic ban and sell your slush ice in recyclable disposable dishes made of organic plastic. Good for your business and good for nature. More information? Learn more here!


Disposable cup with logo

200ml | 30 x 100 pcs./carton

250ml | 20 x 80 pcs./carton

300ml | 24 x 50 pcs./carton

400ml | 24 x 50 pcs./carton

Disposable cup

200ml | 30 x 100 pcs./carton

300ml | 24 x 50 pcs./carton

400ml | 24 x 50 pcs./carton

500ml | 24 x 50 pcs./carton


24 x 250 pcs./carton