Frozen Cappuccino

The refreshing coffee!

Frozen Cappuccino, unlike a frappé made with crushed ice and coffee, offers the possibility to prepare Frozen Coffee in a slush machine. The simple production with powder and water or milk saves time and money and can serve customers quickly. The taste can be varied by adding either milk or water to the mixture. Our cappuccino powder is available in two different versions to meet all tastes: Our type 1 tastes a bit more like cocoa, while type 3 tastes more like coffee, without becoming bitter.

Frozen Cappuccino is in summer, but also in winter, the ideal drink for the out-of-home market and especially very popular with young people!

Do you want to expand your existing portfolio? Or do you just want to get into the topic of frozen drinks? This product is ideal for this! Customers are already familiar with the Frappé or Iced Coffee concept and are therefore open to new coffee tastes.

By the way: our frozen yoghurt is also easy to prepare in the slush machine! You can find out more here.

How to mix it

A bag of Frozen Cappuccino Powder is mixed with 5 litres of water or milk.