monsterslush slush kirmes maschinen

Slush machines

MonsterSlush™ offers reliable new and used machines. Discover our Slush machines and benefit from maintenance and service directly from us! So you can be sure that your downtimes are as low as possible and that problems are solved quickly.

Our slush machines are the perfect companions for anyone who wants to include slush ice, frozen cappuccino, frozen yoghurt or frozen cocktails in their portfolio!

The machines offer several advantages:

  • Attractive design
  • Impact- and break-resistant material
  • Absolutely reliable in continuous operation
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Very low power consumption
  • Powerful compressor
  • MonsterSlush™-consistency adjustable
  • Can also be used as a cool dispenser
  • The cold is also stored during power-off
  • Simplest service due to modular design
  • Low susceptibility to faults

In addition, our comprehensive range of services ensures that maintenance and repair work runs smoothly, and we can often solve problems without the machine being inspected by our technicians on site. Often a telephone call helps to solve problems and to minimize downtimes and costs!

Do you need spare parts? That’s no problem either! We have spare parts from various manufacturers of slush machines in stock and will be happy to advise you on request!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us here, or contact us by phone!


1 container for 10 l slush

The perfect entry-level or ergonomic model: Our 1-series Slushmaschine offers flexible working with low space requirements and power consumption. It is perfectly suited to start with the slush theme or to complement existing machines. Due to its relatively low weight, it is also easy to move and therefore flexible to use.


1 container for 10l slush

The Express model of our 1 Series Slush Machine is characterized by a faster aftercooling than the standard model, which allows for a particularly fast re-production of slush in case of large crowds or fast sales. The machines with one container are particularly easy to handle, as they are not very heavy and can therefore also be handled by individual persons.


2 containers for 10 l each MonsterSlush™

Our classic: With two containers you are absolutely flexible and can offer two types of slush at the same time! Of course, it is also possible to produce our Frozen Cappuccino or Frozen Yoghurt in one container, while the other is used to produce slush.


Like SPEEDY MAXX 2 x 10 l.

max. 1100 Watt

The SPEEDYMAXX 2 Express differs from the SPEEDYMAXX 2 in that it provides better after-cooling performance. So if you’ve already tapped slush, this machine cools the replenished product down faster. It is well suited for use in environments with high outdoor temperatures and operation with high customer traffic.


Capacity: 3x 10l

Maximum flexibility with the SPEEDYMAXX 3! Three types can be prepared simultaneously in the three containers, but handling is just as easy as with the smaller machines. At 74 kg, this machine is not exactly lightweight, but it is still easy to handle and lighter than most comparable models. Ideal for offering as many varieties as possible! In addition, our SPEEDYMAXX 3 is also an express machine and therefore very fast in post-cooling and under high load.


Capacity: 7 + 20 litres
Dimensions (cm): 36,5 x 59 x 75,5
Weight: 100 Kg
Power consumption: 1,000 W

Our high performance machine for the preparation of slush ice convinces by simplest handling and is easy to clean. 7 litres MonsterSlush™ are stored with adjustable slush consistency. A one-way valve constantly refills the freezing cylinder from the 20 litre storage container in a pre-cooled state. A warning display indicates in good time when the container must be refilled with MonsterSlush™ .