Frozen Cocktails

The fruity-enlivening refreshment from the slush machine or with crushed ice

Frozen cocktails are an indispensable part of the bar menu! All the better if there is a quick and easy solution for preparing frozen coctails. Since this year MonsterSlush™ is offering special concentrates, which, when mixed with slush syrup and water, produce ready-made cocktails. Currently our basic ingredients are available in the variants Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise and Pinacolada and are offered in glass bottles of 0.7 l each. Perfect to dose correctly! Because our bottles are made of glass, unnecessary plastic waste is also avoided.

By mixing with syrup and water, the cocktail can easily be mixed in the slush machine and then drawn off in a semi-frozen state. Thus, one gets fruity refreshing Frozen Cocktails that can be offered without much effort. The finished drinks then have an alcohol content of around 4.8% vol. And the best part? Our cocktails can also be mixed without a slush machine! Simply mix the concentrate with a lot of crushed ice and fruity juice and the ice-cold, refreshing cocktail is ready!

We only use alcohol of very good quality for our production and rely on high-quality processing of the individual components in order to give you the best possible taste experience!

As with our slush syrup, production takes place in Germany: Quality Made in Germany! By the production of the raw materials of the Frozen Cocktails in our IFS certified production plant, the highest quality standards are guaranteed. Convince yourself of the uniquely good taste and the simple preparation of our Frozen Cocktails and profit from the simple calculation! By using the raw materials, the scope for mixing cocktails is reduced, making it possible to calculate costs and profits with a high degree of precision – ideal, not only for major events!

The most important at a glance

Our concentrates are filled in 0.7 litre bottles and are packed in boxes of 6 bottles each.

The minimum order quantity is 1 carton.

The syrups recommended for mixing cocktails should be used to get the best taste experience.

The concentrates can also be used without a slush machine: Simply fill the base material with juice and crushed ice into a shaker, shake well and serve ice-cold!

Due to an alcohol content of 32% vol. in the basic ingredients, they have a particularly long shelf life.

MonsterSlush™ Frozen Cocktail Tequila Sunrise
MonsterSlush™ Frozen Cocktail Pinacolada
MonsterSlush™ Frozen Cocktail Sex on the Beach

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