Slush varieties


We offer the right slush variety for every need – now even sugar-free varieties are available! Our slush syrup is simply mixed with water and prepared in the machine to produce delicious and refreshing slush ice.

Our slusheis varieties are IFS-certified, vegan and gluten-free, as well as stunningly good taste. We now also offer sugar-free slush syrup varieties. By producing according to the highest standards at our production site in Germany, we guarantee consistently high quality and colour stability.

All our slush syrups are gluten-free and predominantly vegan. Our varieties in the Green Lid category are also produced without artificial colourings. A real gain! Above all, the taste is of course extremely important to us: We only have varieties that have passed extensive taste tests before and have been found good there.

With many tests and tasty trials, we always give our best to be able to offer new tasty varieties and colors! This now includes our sugar-free varieties.

A small guide to colorants in our syrups

  • Varieties “Green Lid” have been produced entirely without artificial colouring.

  • Varieties “Blue Lid”  are produced with harmless artificial dyes which are not subject to additional declaration.

  • Varieties “Black Lid” contain artificial colours E 102, E 104, E 110, E 122, E 124 and E 129 and shall be marked with the following notice: May impair activity and attention of children.

  • Varieties “Red Lid” can be mixed with MonsterSlush™-Shakee-Mix, which has already been prepared in a slush machine. Syrup is poured into a cup and then filled with the finished ShakeeMix. So you can offer many different varieties with just one bowl.

Slush varieties for vegans are labeled

These MonsterSlush™ varieties naturally contain no animal products, nor eggs or milk, and are therefore unrestrictedly suitable for vegan nutrition.[/vc_column_text]

New in: Our sugarfree varieties!

Try our new sugar-free varieties now and let the delicious taste without sugar convince you!

We work with sucralose in the production of our sugar-free syrups and completely dispense with stevia and other critical additives. Of course, we also do not use phosphoric acid and some of our sugar-free products do not contain artificial colourings. By using vegetable glycerine, we ensure that the end product remains vegan.

Why sugar-free?

We stand by our products! Our traditional MonsterSlush™ already has the lowest possible sugar content and significantly fewer calories than many other sweet foods. Nevertheless the health consciousness plays an ever larger role in the life of many humans, so that also we made ourselves our thoughts. We do not believe that at some point everyone will completely give up sugar, but we do believe that it is good to offer alternatives.

Because: Tastes are different!