Molke 7

Our powder for the production of a refreshing whey drink!

Molke7 is a natural whey powder mixed with water to make a refreshing and delicious whey drink.

How to mix it

Mix a tablespoon of Molke7(TM) with 100ml of still water and the drink is ready! But be careful: when mixing, the drink froths up, so that 0.3 l quickly becomes 0.5 l!


Does Molke7 contain gluten?

No! Our whey powder is gluten-free and can be enjoyed without restriction even in the case of intolerance.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No! Ordering a bag of Molke7 with 1kg whey powder is possible without any problems! From an order of 5 bags the shipping is free, otherwise 7,80€ shipping costs are added.

What important nutrients does whey7 contain?

Already 300ml Whey7-Drink cover 150% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, vitamin E, the vitamins B1 and B2, as well as B6 and B12, and of niacin and biotin! The exact nutritional values and ingredients can be found in the documents at the bottom of these pages. Simply click on a variety and find out all the important details!

May Molke7 be consumed with lactose intolerance?

Unfortunately not! Because it is a natural by-product of milk, our whey powder also contains lactose.

How long does Molke7 powder last?

Molke7 powder has a long shelf life of usually 2 to 3 years. Ideally, it should be kept cool and dry in a closed container.

Our varieties at a glance




Kiwi Peach

Passion fruit apricot

Sour cherry


Wild berry