The days are getting shorter, the temperatures icy and slowly but surely the Christmas mood is coming up! And while the children are cheerfully doing their mischief in indoor playgrounds and the like, for many it means: Off to the Christmas market!

And what can’t be missing there? Naturally delicious mulled wine and fruity punch! All the better if you can have the Christmas market everywhere now! With our delicious recipes you can now make your own punch – with MonsterSlush™-syrup!

Not possible? Of course you can!

Due to the fruity taste of the syrup, it can be combined very well with other flavours and harmonises perfectly with the spicy flavours of winter!


How about our delicious Alpenglüher, for example?

Simply mix 1 litre of MonsterSlush™-syrup Amarena with 3.5 litres of water and 700 ml of rum and heat in a saucepan. Make sure that the punch does not boil!

To serve, garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon and enjoy hot!

The Alpenglüher is the perfect punch for the cold days and prepared super fast. Gingerbread and Spekulatius also go very well with the punch.

Children’s punch

Of course there is also an alternative without alcohol:

Our children’s punch is just as easy to prepare and at least as tasty!

In addition simply 400 ml MonsterSlush™-Sirup Kirsch with 600 ml MonsterSlush™-Sirup apple and 4 l water infuse and in a pot heat up. Then add the mulled wine spice to the punch while stirring and let it steep a little (depending on taste).
Children’s punch recipes can be enriched with tea and juice according to taste.

Perfect for an evening with the whole family – and not just at Christmas!


Christmas punch recipes

Of course, our Christmas punch recipes can also be prepared with our new sugar-free slush syrups.